Beata & Andrzej | A Polish Wedding | The Barn At Flanagan Farm

Weddings are the perfect opportunities for families to get together, and for this wedding, absolutely.  The Barn at Flanagan Farm was the perfect setting to celebrate the love between two people.  The bride and groom are both from Poland and they continued to celebrate with all the wedding traditions from back home, and from what I witnessed was a rambunctious time.  Whether in the barn, out in the yard, or in the camper- all the guests were smiling, dancing, and laughing.  The children there, immediately were drawn to the photo camper.  They started off posing like most do, but soon afterwards they had become my little helpers.  They helped clean up props, assist in dressing up the guests, and swatting mosquitoes whenever they flew in.  It was nice to include these little helpers, and allow them the opportunity to feel special.  But the novelty ran out and they went and played soccer out in the fields.  I really can't blame them.  The guests really knew how to celebrate, the barn was a ripping and a roaring, and so was the camper.  When you can't stop laughing due to the guests, you know you're doing something right.  The white gold rose backdrop added a little sophistication while everyone acted a little unsophisticated.  The option was there for a nice classy photo, rarely does it happen though.  Large groups of people crammed themselves in, really reveling how close they really are.  You can really find out how close people are when you shove 10, 15, or 20 people into a camper to take photos.  It may sound silly, but when you see it, it's a beautiful thing.  Thank you Beata and Andrzej for including us on your wedding day.  It was truly a beautiful celebration.


Venue: The Barn at Flanagan Farm

Design and Flowers:Lani Toscano

Photography: Maine Tinker Photography

Photo Booth: The Maine Photo Camper

Food and Drink: Kitchen Chicks

Second Photographer: Sarah Jane Photography

Music: Retrospecticus

Transportation: Bo-mar

Rentals: Heartwood Essentials

Bridget & Ganesh| Caravan Wedding| The Barn at Flanagan Farm|

When it comes to weddings, this was the wedding that was meant for us!  Bridget and Ganesh orchestrated the perfect wedding garnished with SEVEN Volkswagen buses in the field of the Barn at Flanagan Farm!!!  So, when we pulled in with the camper, we just added to the caravan of fun.  For their wedding, we built a new backdrop, to keep this wedding’s aesthetic consistent.  We built a barnboard backdrop within the camper to look the part of the barn wedding.  Although quite heavy, it looks as if you’re in a traditional Maine barn.  We set up the camper between the two barns and a little bit after we were up and running the guests arrived.  Several guests peered in before the wedding with excitement, with just enough patience to wait until after the ceremony.  From where the camper sat, the ceremony sounded beautiful with music and celebration out in the wooded ceremony location.

Everyone flooded out of the trees with smiles toward the Sperry tent for cocktail hour.  Many of the guests quickly jumped in the camper to get their photos taken and promptly telling others to get in due to how fun it is.  Oh, and how fun it was. The props were flying and the photo strips were too, quickly filling up the scrapbook littered with messages of love for the new married couple.  Congratulations Bridget & Ganesh, what a beautiful wedding you had!!!

  • Vendors

Event Venue: The Barn At Flanagan Farm

Event Planning: Lani Toscano Design

Flowers: Field Flower Studio

Caterers: Fire & Company              

                Maine Lobster Bake Company              

               The Hunter's Bend

Photography: Emily Delamater

Photo Booth: The Maine Photo Camper

Rentals: Heartwood Essentials

              One Stop Event Rentals

              A Family Affair Of Maine


Hair: Meghan Harrington

Make Up: Elise Pierce

Bugs: Mosquito Squad of Southern Maine

Alcohol: RSVP

Transportation: Bo-Mar Transportation

Music: Kenya Hall Band

           Working Dead

Lighting: Event Light Pros